The world has changed

The world has changed. With the outbreak of the Corona Virus a lot has changed the past week all around the World.

In Denmark schools are closed, most public work places are closed, sports clubs have cancelled all trainings, fitness gyms are closed, private companies are encouraged to let people work from home and so on – all for the next 14 days. All measures to try to flatten the curve, so our hospitals and health care system can deal with it.

It will have a lot of consequences for the economy, for companies, for the ‘weak’ for whom this can be life threatening, and I could continue. All this is horrible and quite serious, and it even feels a bit silly to be complaining, when the problem for me just is some cancelled bike races. But I will tell you a bit about the impact on my life as an athlete.

What does is mean for me as a professional cyclist?
I should have started my season in less than a week in Belgium with Nokere Course. That will not happen. Races are getting cancelled and at the moment I do not know when my season will start. My shape has been pretty good lately, so I am of course sad that I don’t get to show it on the road right now. I am sad that a lot of the races which suits my rider type are cancelled. I will have to change my whole training plan, and try to adjust to the new situation the best I can. In the end I am just racing my bike, and the public health is more important.
I will continue to work hard to be ready when we hopefully have beaten the COVID-19.