Time to travel again

First team camp!


After being 4 months (!!) home in Denmark, I’ve just been one week in The Netherlands meeting up with my Boels Dolmans teammates.


It was nice to meet up with the girls again, and get some solid trainings together. We stayed at Landal Kalsteeldomein de Cauberg. A place with vacation homes on the top the famous climb Cauberg.

It was 9 out of 12 riders who joined the camp. We missed our American and Canadian teammates, but hopefully we will all be united at some races soon.


Each day we had a “cooking team”, a pair of riders making dinner for the rest of the group. We have had a great menu all week – it will be hard to keep up this standard here at home 😉


The weather during the week was a bit mixed, but overall, I think we were quite lucky. Wednesday it was raining all day, but we had a well-timed recovery day. I teamed up with Christine for an hour on the home trainer, before a good stretch and core session with the rest of the girls. 


It was actually only on our last day (Friday), we had to bring out our rain gear… The rain started 5 min into a planned 5-hour ride. Luckily it dried up the last few hours. Rain can be a bit of a motivation killer, but we got it done, and nothing beats the feeling of getting the training done! 


Staying a night at a hotel after a wet training day aren’t really ideal with the amount of dirty cycling kit you’ve got after a rainy ride. But you have to work with what you got – I’ve tried my best with a hotel shampoo and a sink. That helped get rid of the worst sand and dirt. Stage 2 was a good was in the washing machine. Now it is all clean again.

Virtual racing! 

After flying back home Saturday I competed in Stage 3 of the virtual Tour de France the same afternoon. After setting it all up in the living room – which can be quite a process with wires everywhere. (Tablet with live camera connected to Zoom, so everyone could see me suffer. Computer connected with Zwift. The trainer with my bike on it. A fan to try and prevent me overheat. ANT+ sensor to connect my power meter. And so on.)

We had to ride 48km. About half way I had to let the front group of 30 riders go. I finished as number 31. So, in the best half of the peloton 😉 I take that as a Zwift success – no technical issues and a bit more experience in riding in a virtual peloton.

Not sure if this count as my first time riding a Tour de France stage..? One thing is sure, my first one in the real world is going to be 29/8 in Nice when I start my season with Boels Dolmans at La Course by Le Tour de France.