Name: Amalie Dideriksen

Birthday: 24-05-1996

Place of residence: Copenhagen, Denmark

Team: Boels-Dolmans Cycling Team 


I’ve been riding my bike since I was a little girl. But back then it wasn’t laying in the cards that I would become a professional athlete. None of my parents have been professional athletes. I’ve always liked sports though. Almost any sport actually. 

It was my big brother who started the whole cycling adventure for our family, and soon I was racing bikes too. Both my parents got involved in the local cycling club, and both are still active in the cycling community. My brother stopped cycling a while ago, but as you all know I continued. And here we are J  

I love travelling the world with my bike. This is my website and I will try to update it with blogs, race reports and other fun stuff.


I hope you will enjoy it,